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  • Eurotech service is one of the trusted & emerging name for RO repair and service

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  • Professional, trained and expert technicians

  • 100 % Satisfaction guaranteed

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  • Why is the RO water purifier service center among the best in India?
    Because they have the longest service engineer team in all over India to give on-time service.
  • How to choose a leading RO service provider?
    Check the RO service providers' reviews and ratings.
  • Where to find the best RO repair center in India?
    You can easily find an array of RO repair centers in India online.
  • What to know before RO installation?
    You have to check the background of the RO installation service provider properly.
  • How can we get a suitable RO AMC plan?
    First, you have to compare some of the AMC plans and choose the most suitable ones.

Livpure Water Purifier

This water purifier puts six stages of filtration to work, including the first filter that removes fine and coarse particulate matter from water. The second filter absorbs harmful pesticides and odor-causing organic compounds from water, followed by a third filter that prevents salts from scaling on membrane layers which improves the membrane's purification capacity and increases its longevity. The fourth stage is where hazardous chemicals and tiny microbes are removed, followed by a fifth filter that disinfects water with UV radiation. Finally, this purifier also enhances the taste of water by removing volatile organic impurities from it. What you get in the end is clean, odorless, better-quality drinking water.

Eurotech services

If you want to hire a professional technician to fix or service your water purifier and RO system, contact Eurotech Service. We serve customers in PAN India and provide a single point of contact for all RO or water purification appliance services. Therefore, if you need a repair or maintenance appointment for your RO or water purifier system, please contact us.


Eurotech Services has been providing water purification services for many years. They will provide the best service and maintenance for your Aquaguard, Purit, Livpure, Kent or Aquafresh water purifier with a team of certified professionals and years of industry experience. They also offer packages for preventative maintenance to make sure your machine stays in top shape for a long time. Therefore don't wait any longer and contact Eurotech Services right away!


It's important to invest in a high-quality water purifier for your home. Because of the scarcity of water, it's essential to make sure you always drink pure and safe drinking water by using a water purifier. For all the well-known manufacturers of water purifiers--including Aquaguard, Purit, Livpure and Kent--Eurotech Services provides comprehensive service options including installation, troubleshooting and regular maintenance. Their skilled technicians will fix any problem with your water purifier that has to do with repairs or maintenance. Eurotech Services has you covered for everything from installation and troubleshooting to regular maintenance and repairs! They will always provide high-quality service thanks to their skilled technicians and cutting-edge equipment. Aquaguard, Kent, Purit and Aquafresh are just a few well-known brands that Eurotech Services services."

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